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The MAGNUM Heating Group (MHG) has many years of experience in the development, maintenance and after sales/support of all kinds of electrical heating systems.  We offer a wide range of electrical heating systems that can be used in houses, offices, restaurants, hospitals, garages, shops etc. 

MHG is ISO 9001 certified.  We offer the highest quality in products and therefore all our products are tested by major European testing facilities such as VDE, KEMA, FIMKO, SEMKO etc.  We offer warranty terms up to a lifetime period!  All products are produced under exclusive license by MHG and technical specification can be adapted for your market or region. 

Underfloor Heating


The electrical underfloor heating system is made up of heating mats available in a range of sizes and 100/125/150/165 W/mcapacities. The mat is only 4 mm thick and can either be laid into a layer of tile adhesive (no more than 6 mm) or plaster. The heating cable is distributed evenly over the glass fibre netting (inter-loop distance approx. 7cm). This makes it suitable for use as supplementary heating in larger rooms.


This two conductor heating cable is available in a 3 or 7 mm version and from 300 up to 3200 Watts. The connection between heating and power cables are invisible splices. The cable is insulated over the whole length and made out of one piece included heating and power cable with no interruption at all. The high tensile strength cable heating is quickly and simply installed in screed for new builds or renovation projects. Available in 11/17/30 W/m2.


MHG delivers various sorts of floorheating to different situations. As well as good use of insulation, a good regulation of the heating system gives the right comfort and low energy consumption. From a very simple S-Control On-Off thermostat, the high-end X-treme Control or the Z-wave compatible thermostat which can be adapted with specially designed software upon clients request.

Ceiling Heaters

Ceiling radiators can be installed so that they are 'invisible' in a ceiling system and provide every type of office, showroom or shop maximum freedom regarding interior layout and design.The integrated suspension brackets also make it possible to secure the panels directly onto all sorts of ceilings. The warming up period is very short. Ideal for rooms that are not occupied continuously, but must be brought up to temperature in a short period when needed and where there is lack of wall space.


Outdoor systems offer safety and reliability with a low running cost and no maintenance. Safety prevention and continuity are key concepts that warrant the Installation of frost free fittings. Suitable areas for this type of system are entry and exit slopes of distribution centres, parking areas, hospitals, fire stations, office buildings or any area that during winter time could create a hazard or disruption. 

The extensive concept of heat cables, sensors and regulating units create a compliant reaction to extreme weather in the variable world climates. 

MHG delivers the following frostprotection system products:

Outdoor Cable/Mat
Frostprotection for (water) pipes


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